Old phone, new pix: oto Director is a free photo editing app for aging devices

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Apr 2014

Those of you sporting an out-of-date Android device or a phone with less-than-stellar camera capabilities should count your blessings: There are plenty of apps in the ay store that can “fake” it all.

Cybernk, the company behind well-known applications like werDVD, released one such app today. Cybernk’s oto Director brings tools like smart object removal, easy HDR preset effects, one-click color adjustment to aging hsets. oto Director also offers your choice of more than 70 preset photo overlay effects, including several mo, Artistic, Vignette effects. For those of you still waiting for an upgrade, the app runs on Android 4.1 lly Bean above, it requires a mere 1GHz processor 768MB of RAM to work.

You can download the free app from the ay store