PSA: Humble Bundle 4 gives you 6 great games, pay what you want

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Do you want an excuse to support the EFF and Child's Play charity? No? How about some really good Android game for literally any price you want to pay? That's something we can all get behind, right?

The fourth Humble Mobile Bundle is now under way, offering six Android games for the low price of whatever you want. The games in the bundle are:

Catan (usually $4)

Vector (usually $1)

Riptide GP2 (usually $3)

Zombie Gunship (usually $1)

Badland Premium (a special edition that contains all in-app purchases, $10 worth)

Breach and Clear (usually $4)

If you're not familiar with the Humble Bundle, here's how it works: You pay whatever you want for this pack of games, but the last two (Badland Premium and Breach and Clear) are reserved for those that choose to pay higher than the average price (currently $3.36). You can pay one cent and get the first four games, if you wanted to.

The money is split between the game developers and the charities (the EFF and Child's Play), and you even get to decide what the split is! There's a dedicated Humble Bundle App for installing and updating your apps, too. Never heard of these games? Here's a short video showcasing them.

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