atsapp to roll out voice calls in Q2

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Feb 2014

In a move that has many wondering, “what took you so long?” atsapp announced Monday morning that voice calling would come to the popular messaging app by the spring. Facebook recently acquired atsapp for $19 billion.

th the move to voice calls, atsapp adds a service that is already available on many competing platforms including BBM, ne, Viber–another messaging app recently snapped up by a major tech company.

Voice calls for atsapp are slated to l on Android iOS first, followed by select Nokia BlackBerry phones, reports TechCrunch.

atsapp CEO n Koum reiterated today at Mobile rld Congress that ads would not come to the messaging platform. This despite the company’s expansion into voice calls a parent company (Facebook) that relies on advertising as its primary revenue source.

Koum also said its roadmap would not change despite its new owner, according to Reuters. Similar to its Instagram buy, Facebook will let atsApp operate as an independent company.

Instead of selling advertising, atsApp’s revenue comes from a $1 yearly subscription fee it charges longtime users of the service–the first year is free for new users. atsapp currently has 465 million monthly users 330 million daily users, Koum said on Monday. In mid-December, atsApp’s user total stood around 400 million monthly users.

though mobile calling is new to atsapp, this will actually be the second voice-related feature to l on the service. In December, the company rolled out voice messages, which allows users to send receive recorded messages.

A specific launch date for voice calls on atsApp was not announced.