Android 13 Could Bring ‘Tap to Transfer’ Media Controls, Simplify QR Code Scanning

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 11 Jan 2022

Android 13

Android 12 has not yet rolled out to a vast majority, but the initial launch of Android 13 is fast approaching. Leaked previews on an in-development build of the OS reveal that it would simplify QR code scanning and make it easy to transfer media controls between devices.

Leaked screenshots of an Android 13 build shared by Android Police show that in the future, you could launch the QR code scanner from the lock screen directly or use its quick toggle button in the notification shade. The screenshots from an unnamed “trusted source” don’t specify if the QR code scanner would launch its new interface or simply redirect to Google Lens. However, the feature could be a handy addition if it arrives in 2023.

Having a shortcut on the lock screen or notification shade is more convenient than opening the QR code scanner via the Camera app on some OEM Android skins or using Google Lens.

Android 13 QR Code scanning

Another in-development Android 13 feature appears to be “tap to transfer” (TTT) functionality for media controls. It would allow you to transfer media controls from one device to another. For instance, you could start playing a song using your smartphone and then transfer its controls, such as play, pause, mute, etc., to your smart TV.

The implementation reportedly appears to be rudimentary for now. The leak is based on Google’s mockups of what the feature should look like, not actual code that enables the feature. So, it is possible that media TTT is just on the cards and has not been developed yet. However, it could be interpreted as Android’s take on Apple’s seamless control with its iPhones and HomePod speakers.

Do you think these features will make it to a public stable build of Android 13 in 2023? Tell us in the comments section below.

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