Android 11 Beta 2 Is Out Now, Final Release Could Happen on September 8

BY Asif Shaik

Published 8 Jul 2020

Android 11 Public Beta 2

The first public beta version of Android 11 was released one month ago. Today, Google has released Android 11 Beta 2, and it is available for compatible Pixel phones. For consumers, this means that there’s only one public beta left before the final version of Android 11 is released before the end of Q3 2020.

Google has released the second public beta version of Android 11, which means that the new version of the operating system has reached platform stability. This means that everything that developers need to create apps and games for Android 11 is now available and final. There will not be any changes before the final version of Android 11 is released.

Google has not released any official changelog with the Android 11 Beta 2 release, but we could see a few user-facing changes and bug fixes. If you’ve already installed Android 11 Public Beta 1 on your Pixel smartphone, the second beta update should be more stable in terms of daily usage. We expect that the company has fixed bugs related to Quick Settings media controls and has implemented scrolling screenshots.

Google Android 11 Final Release Schedule

In a video for the company’s ‘Hey Google’ Smart Summit, Google’s Michele Turner accidentally said “we’re launching everywhere on September 8th” when talking about Android 11’s new Power Menu. Last year, Google released the final version of Android 10 on September 3, and the leaked Android 11 release date falls in line with that.

For Pixel users who are already running Android 11 Public Beta 1, the new update should be rolled out via OTA (over the air). Those who are trying to jump on the Android 11 Beta bandwagon now can easily enroll their devices through the official webpage. Google has also released the factory images for those who are more technically sound with smartphones. Users can also install Android 11 Beta using the online Android Flash Tool.

Google Android 11 Final Release Date Leaked September 8 2020

If you’re unaware of what Android 11 brings to the table, you should read our article that lists the most important new features of Android 11. If you have a Pixel smartphone, you can read this article to know how to install Android 11 Beta on it.

[Source: Google]