Amazon Cloud Drive now offers unlimited plans for photos and everything else

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Mar 2015

image amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive has offered cloud storage for quite some time, and for Prime users unlimited photo storage has been a perk for a stretch now.

But Amazon has decided to open it up to anyone willing to fork over the money, with a pair of new unlimited offerings. The first of which is for photos, where Amazon will let you store an unlimited number of photos into the Cloud Drive. The company will also throw in 5GB of extra storage for videos, and other documents or files. This plan will be available for $11.99.

The other option is the “for everything” crowd. This plan runs $59.99 per year, and offers an unlimited amount of cloud storage for not only photos, but also videos, movies, music, documents, files and more. Both plans offer a three-month free trial.

The new options are available now, so if you want to check them out head on through the source link.

[via Amazon]