Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones Will no Longer Include Lock Screen Ads

BY Evan Selleck

Published 6 Feb 2018

Back in 2016, Amazon officially launched the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program, which saw some smartphones getting a significant discount from the standard price tag because there were lock screen advertisements and offers installed on the handset.

When the program launched, it had two devices on offer, one from BLU and the other from Motorola. Since then, though, the program has expanded in a big way, trading out phones and replacing them with newer models for the last couple of years. At the time of publication there are seven devices being offered, some from Motorola, others from LG, and at least one from Nokia.

Now, Amazon has announced that the Prime Exclusive Phones program will be dropping the lock screen ads and offers beginning Wednesday, February 7. On that date and beyond, the smartphones being offered through the program will no longer show off any lock screen ads or offers. Amazon says the move is designed to let customers enjoy their devices, including customizing the lock screen with wallpapers and photos. Amazon also wants customers to be able to use biometric security features, including facial recognition and fingerprint readers without any issues.

Amazon confirms the important bit, though: The Prime Exclusive Phones program will still be offered for Prime members, and the devices being offered will still be available with a significant price discount from the standard price tag. The handsets will also still be available unlocked. So even though the lock screen ads are getting removed, the discounts will still be available.

For owners of a Prime Exclusive Phone already out in the wild, Amazon will be releasing a software update this week that will remove the lock screen ads and offers.