YouTube Creator Studio, Google Play Books, and Inbox bump up the features in update

inbox by gmail android
Derek Walter

Google usually graces us with updates to some of its apps on a weekly basis, and this time around it’s bringing some better design and interface tweaks YouTube Creator Studio, Google Play Books, and Inbox. 

YouTube Creator Studio is finally getting Material Design, which finally puts it in line with the rest of Google’s suite of tools. With the version 1.3 update you also can see the stats for your video channel without needing to jump over to the main YouTube app. 

Google Play Books version 3.4.5 cleans up the translation interface and gives you the ability to take notes in a free sample of a book; previously you were restricted to titles you owned. A peek inside the APK shows a hint of letting you sync notes to Google Drive, though that isn’t live yet.

Inbox version 1.7 only lists bug fixes and performance improvements in the changelog, but an APK teardown by Android Police discovered that customizable email signatures are coming. It’s a key feature if you tie multiple email addresses to your Gmail account, so hopefully it arrives soon.

Inbox is an acquired taste. Some love it, while others prefer Gmail

The impact on you: All these updates add some nice functionality to your device, so they’re worth grabbing from the Play Store or waiting for the automatic download. If you’re impatient, you can download them immediately from APK Mirror.

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