How to turn on data compression in Chrome on your phone or tablet

chrome for android
Credit: Derek Walter

Chrome for Android can save you precious mobile data if you turn on its data compression feature. 

It routes your web browsing through Google’s proxy servers, which will feed you smaller, more compressed images and other bits of data than the traditional route. Google says going through its own pipes is faster, which is always nice if you hit a less-than-stellar Internet connection.

Here’s how to turn it on: touch the Menu Button (the three vertical dots) and then touch Settings. Scroll down and select Data Saver and toggle the option to On

data compression chrome android

It’s just a couple of steps to turn on this slick feature in Chrome for Android.

You’re all set. You can return to this same location to see how much data you’ve saved over time or turn it off if you wish.

If you’re a developer, or aspire to learn more about the details, check out Google’s data compression proxy page for more about how it works.

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