Google's desktop search can now send directions right to your Android phone or tablet

send directions google
Credit: Google

It’s now super easy to send directions straight to the Google Maps app on your Android device.

All you have to do is type “send directions” on the Google search page or in a Chrome tab and it will launch a map interface, complete with autosuggestions for typing in where you want to go. 

Your Android devices will be available from a dropdown menu: once you’ve selected the destination, just click the “send directions” link.

send directions Google+

Google has made it incredibly simple to get directions on your phone.

Unlock your device, and it will open straight to Google Maps with a pin at the venue you typed in. Touch the navigation icon to get turn-by-turn directions.

The impact on you: One of the best benefits of being an Android user is the deep tie-in to Google services. Features like this and the ability to use Android apps on Chromebooks are part of the company’s efforts to make its ecosystem more useful. 

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