Photos now available in Google Drive, making Google+ even less relevant


We’re all patiently waiting to figure out what exactly Google is going to do with its frail social network, Google+, and today’s news isn’t looking to good for it.

In a blog entry, Google announced that you can now access all those photos you backed up with Google+ through Google Drive. Its intended to make it easier for you to use photos in your documents, but frankly, there’s probably more to the announcement happening behind the scenes.

The story behind the story: It’s slightly redundant to have your photos on both Google+ and Google Drive, though Google suggests this will make it easier to organize them as you see fit and add other file types to a Drive folder. That makes sense for sticking photos in your docs, but it also sort of hints at something major on the horizon. This update may the first step in a plan to separate Google's photo service from Google+ entirely.

Is this the beginning of end of Google+? Or is this Google’s attempt at dethroning Evernote? Perhaps even Google doesn’t know what it’s doing with its own social network. For now, you can get the Google Drive update directly from the Google Play store or wait for it to hit your device.

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