Samsung dangles a free year of Netflix to lure phone, tablet, and 4K TV buyers

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Mike Homnick

Samsung is running a pretty slick promotion to tempt you into a new smartphone, tablet, or 4K TV. 

If you buy a Galaxy Note 4Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S, or any of the company's 4K TVs you’ll get a free year of both Netflix (even if you’re a current subscriber) and Samsung’s Milk Music service.

Netflix will be the bigger sell for most, though free music isn’t a bad deal either. Milk Music is Samsung’s Spotify competitor, which of course works across all the company’s devices. This premium option adds offline listening, unlimited radio skips, and nixes all the advertisements.

Once you purchase one of the supported devices, head to the Samsung redemption page and make a claim. You’ll then get an email with further instructions to unlock your goodies.

Sorry, it doesn't work if you got one of these products for Christmas: It's only good on purchases made January 4th or later.

The impact on you at home: A free Netflix subscription may not help you meet those new year fitness goals, but it’s a great deal if you were thinking about grabbing one of these Samsung products. Netflix should look great on the excellent Note 4 screen, or you can try out the new Netflix 4K streaming offerings like House of Cards.

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