T-Mobile teases 'Uncarrier' reveal as supercharged LTE goes live in New York

John Legere

There's sure to be plenty of industry bashing and foul language when T-Mobile CEO John Legere sits down for a “fireside chat” Tuesday to announce the carrier’s newest initiatives, the eighth in the company's series of "Uncarrier" promotions.

T-Mobile will livestream the event at 10:30 A.M. EST, in which Legere will talk with Yahoo’s David Pogue about T-Mobile's next trick. Legere will also take questions over Twitter via the #Uncarrier8 hashtag. There was no indication if the talk will include an actual fire.

Legere used previous announcements to unveil changes like the popular Music Freedom plan, which allows subscribers to stream from a growing number of music services without counting toward their data caps.

The magenta carrier also announced it’s turned on Wideband LTE in New York City, which can improve download speeds by up to 50 percent with higher bandwidth. It’s already live in several other cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

The story behind the story: T-Mobile has been steadily adding customers thanks to a series of consumer-friendly moves. It eliminated two-year contracts, data overage charges (it throttles data instead), and simplified its pricing structure. The moves have been a hit with customers, as reports indicate T-Mobile could soon surpass Sprint as the nation’s third-largest carrier.

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