Final Android 5.0 Lollipop developer preview now available

android lollipop preview
Credit: Android Developers

You can get one last taste of Lollipop if you have a Nexus 5 or 7, as Google posted the final developer preview build of Android 5.0 Friday. 

By following our walkthrough and using some digital elbow grease, you can have Lollipop showcasing its Material Design glory on your own device. Or take heart from the knowledge that an official update will be out in November. Of course, when your phone will get Android 5.0 depends on the whims of your manufacturer, but there’s good reason for optimism given the early release of the beta-formerly-known-as-Android-L.

The final build of Lollipop includes APIs for Android TV as well, which is getting a big push from Google with the release of its Nexus Player.

Why this matters: A final preview release gives developers one last shot at getting their apps ready for Android Lollipop. If developers have been using the preview Google launched in June then it could just be touch-up at this point. 

Take note—while Google says all the Lollipop APIs are complete, this is not the final build of Android 5.0. There probably won't be a lot of changes from now until release in November, but expect bugs and instability. This is meant for developers to test their apps for the new version of the OS.

This should mean that most apps will transition with little difficulty over to Lollipop. Major operating system updates often introduce their share of bugs, but hopefully the prep work taking place here will ensure a smooth ride.

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