Dropbox adds 'export files to SD card' option to Android app

dropbox android save to sd card
Dropbox Blog

If you want to move your Dropbox content to an SD card for a quick file transfer, or to keep in on your device all the time even when you don't have an internet connection, the Android app now has you covered. 

An update to Dropbox for Android adds this option, which the company says is a highly-requested feature.

The impact on you at home: If you run out of storage or just want to move a large batch of files without waiting for them to work through the Dropbox servers you now have another option. This new feature should appease power users who want to move a large batch of files between devices, or help you use all your Dropbox-stored media on a plane trip, the ferry, or anywhere else where you don't have reliable Internet.

How it works

To move your files you need to tap the "Quick Action" button, hit More, Export, and then Save to Device. Then choose your SD card. 

Dropbox cautions there may be another step if your SD card doesn't show up: choose the Save to option, then hit Settings and Display Advanced Devices.

Dropbox says this update also improves support for Android L and speeds up search. If you have signed up in the app for early releases, you should be able to grab it from your device notifications.

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