PushBullet update enables you to reply to Hangouts messages from your browser

Credit: Michael Homnick

PushBullet is one of those popular indie apps that's always worth the download. It’s extremely useful if you tend to leave your phone lying around. The app's latest update will make it even easier to use more of your phone's features from your desktop.

Now you can reply to text messages in Google Hangouts directly from the PushBullet browser app. It works for Hangouts messages, and if use Hangouts to handle SMS messages on your Android phone, it'll work with those as well. When you reply, the pop-up will disappear and you can go back to what you were doing until the person on the other end sends yet another message. It'll update accordingly on your phone, too. 

pushbullet textmessages

I actually sent this message from my computer.

pushbullet computertext

To which the recipient replied as if he were a bird. Hmph.

This update finally brings universal support to Android’s native messaging service. Previously, PushBullet’s text messaging feature only supported a limited list of third-party apps. Maybe Google will take this as a hint that it should enable Android users to completely control their devices from within a browser. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

You can grab the PushBullet app from the Google Play Store, though you’ll have to also have the Chrome extension or PC application to get the full functionality.

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