Google+ update adds Chromecast feed slideshows

chromecast dongle
Credit: Derek Walter

Google+ may not be the most popular social network, but you can now impress friends by transforming it into an attractive slideshow on your TV.

This feature snuck its way into the latest Android app update. It turns your Google+ feed into a slideshow, filling the screen with the main image and slowly transitioning through posts.

Google+ Chromecast

Use your Chromecast to display Google+ posts on a TV.

The implementation is hit-and-miss, as some of the images center nicely and look great while others are off-center and awkward. 

You already could display Google+ on a connected TV with Chromecast's ability to replicate the Android screen. This new feature, however, cleans up the interface for a more pleasant viewing experience.

The update is on its way to devices through Google Play, although as is often the case you can get the APK directly from Android Police

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