Minuum bringing its odd keyboard to Android Wear


Minuum, an oddball third-party keyboard built for simplicity, is making its way to Android Wear, or more specifically, to the Moto 360, as detailed on the company's blog. 

With Android Wear getting a proper introduction during Google I/O tomorrow, it comes as no surprise to see "upcoming apps" for the wearables. Unfortunately, there's a few small problems for Minuum: One, Android Wear doesn't support text input via virtual keyboards, and two, it's not that great of a keyboard. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but not great.

The keyboard will likely be one of several that available for Android Wear, even though Google has not yet announced support for 3rd party keyboards at all. The need for smartwatch keyboard is a bit questionable. By the time you finally typed out a message on your smartwatch, you probably already had the time to pull your phone out, type your message faster, and put it in back your pocket or bag. 

Minuum is definitely an interesting and unique approach to the keyboard experience, that much is true. On a phone, you can choose to shrink the keyboard down to basically one line for more screen real estate while typing. In my time using this method of typing, it was fairly easy to see that its text prediction capabilities are limited. Again, while you can grow the keyboard on a phone to a normal setup, without its weird one-line keyboard setup, it's just another keyboard app and it costs $4 after the trial.

At very, very least, the GIF Minuum made looks pretty cool.

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