Google Play now accepts PayPal for digital goods

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You can now pay for apps and other digital content from Google Play using PayPal in 12 countries worldwide, including the U.S. and Canada. Google announced the payment addition on its Android Developers blog on Thursday. 

Google Play users won't have to take any action to add PayPal. Just open Play as you normally would on your phone. When it comes time to pay, tap the Payment options link and you'll see an option for PayPal. Simply enter your Paypal account credentials and Google takes care of the rest.


Now you can pay with PayPal on Google Play.

Keep in mind that using PayPal on Google Play adds your PayPal account to Google Wallet. If you ever want to remove PayPal from Google Wallet you can follow the steps outlined on Google's Help pages.

PayPal adds to a variety of ways you can already pay for items on Google Play, including credit and debit cards, direct carrier billing, and gift cards.

Unlike the other payment options, however, PayPal can only be used to purchase digital goods. You can't use it to buy devices or accessories on Google Play—like the new Nexus 5 snap cases. You also can't use PayPal as an option for Google Wallet purchases outside of Google Play.

Beyond adding PayPal support for 12 countries around the world, Google is also expanding carrier billing and gift cards to more countries.

Google says that Play sales are up by more than 300 percent over the past year, and that two-thirds of current Play sales take place outside of the U.S. With a fast-growing market for Android apps internationally no doubt Google will try to expand PayPal support to more countries in the near future.

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