New Nexus 5 snap cases appear on Google Play


One of the complaints with earlier Nexus devices is that there just weren't enough accessories available for the Google's house brand. You can't say that about the Nexus 5—a point driven home by the addition of yet another new accessory for the phone on Tuesday.


The new Nexus 5 snap cases. 

New Nexus 5 snap cases appeared in the Play Store yesterday, selling for $30 a pop and coming in black, aqua, white, silver, and clear.

The new cases look nice and snap on to the device from the sides, leaving the top and bottom of the handset largely uncovered—as you'd expect from a snap case. They'll add about a half an ounce to the weight of your device and appear sleek enough not to add too much bulk to the Nexus 5's 0.34-inch profile. Nexus 5 snap cases are in-stock now and Google is promising a delivery date of 1-2 days.

At $30, these aren't the cheapest snap cases you'll find, but if you want an "official" case for your Nexus 5 these snap-on protectors are about 5 bucks cheaper than the Nexus 5 bumper cases.

The Nexus 5 debuted in November and while its design is fairly mundane compared to popular flagship phones, we loved the phone. Hey, it's hard to go wrong with a $350 contract-free price tag for a 16GB device with a 5-inch 1080p screen. 

[via Android Police]

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