Minor Google Calendar update offers autocomplete for addresses

calendar upate

Yesterday, Google released a minor update to its Calendar app, adding autocomplete for event locations. This simple addition is more than welcome, as it allows you to save a few more seconds when punching in an address for an event. Besides, nobody likes pecking out an address using an on-screen keyboard.

In addition to suggesting addresses from contacts and previously entered locations, the update makes life easier than ever by suggesting addresses using Google Maps data. Just typing a few letters into the location field will immediately begin to populate relevant results, as seen in the photo above.  

Outside of the new autocomplete function, Google Calendar seems to be the same as it was before. Why it took so long for such a simple feature to make its way to the application is beyond me, but I'm happy to see it finally arrive. 

The updated Google Calendar app is currently rolling out to devices, so keep checking the Play Store if you haven't gotten the update just yet.

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