Feeling lucky? Tell Google to 'Play some music'


For all those times when you can't decide what you want to hear, a new “play some music” voice command for Android phones should do the trick.

The voice command is available through the Google Search app for Android. If you subscribe to Google Play Music All Access, it'll open “I'm Feeling Lucky Radio,” a station based on your personal tastes. Non-subscribers can still use the voice command to open a shuffled playlist of their Google Play Music tracks.

As Android Police notes, the “play some music” command would be ideal for Android Wear. Imagine, for instance, being able to play music over your car's Bluetooth audio system while leaving your phone in your pocket, instead using the watch to initiate playback.

Bear in mind that Google Play Music isn't the only music app that works with Google Search voice commands. Other apps—including as Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio—can also open artist-based music stations when you say “play (artist)” or “listen to (artist).” To switch to these other apps, just tap the music app icon that appears after the search, and select your app of choice. Unfortunately, the more generic “play some music” command only works with Google Play Music.

Last week, Google also added a way to open your phone's camera app by saying “take a video” or “take a photo” in Google Search. The need for this feature isn't quite as obvious, but it could be useful for camera-equipped smartwatches or phones that have the Google Now Launcher installed.

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