Samsung's boring official Galaxy S5 promo video focuses on specs

sm g900f shimmery white 15

Samsung released its first official promo video for the Galaxy S5 today, and boy, is it dull.

Almost completely devoid of personality, the video looks like the kind of thing you expect to play in an endless mind-numbing loop on digital signage in a big box store. Try to keep your eyes open as lovely CG renders of Galaxy S5 phones tumblr in the empty white abyss, while soft piano music lulls you to sleep.

The video walks you through the very basics of the phone as revealed by Samsung last week. The top-of-line specs, colors, camera features, networking features, fingerprint's all there in the most cursory fashion imaginable. If you've been following the phone at all, you're not going to learn anything new. If you haven't, it's a reasonable overview, albeit with rendered phones and simulated screens. Just have some coffee handy.

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