Xiaomi announces MIUI 6 with a flatter and simple UI

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Aug 2014


At an event in China, Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 6, which is based on Android 4.4 KitKat. In the latest version of MIUI, Xiaomi has completely re-skinned the OS from top to bottom with a flat look, whilst also focusing on removing all the unnecessary distractions to improve the user experience. 

All the system icons have been given a flat makeover to give a nice visual refresh to the OS. All the system apps like Calendar, Calculator, Camera and the Compass app etc. have also received a flat UI makeover, and have been stripped of anything that is not relevant on first glance.

Xiaomi has also introduced lockscreen notifications in MIUI 6 and allows users to prioritize them according to their importance and liking. The notifications are collapsed by default on the lockscreen, with can be expanded using a simple gesture.


In typical Xiaomi style, the company has blatantly ripped off taken inspiration from certain features in iOS. This includes an updated launcher with support for folders and the ability to move, batch organize and delete icons. The notification center is also heavily inspired from the control center in iOS and can be accessed from anywhere including the lockscreen via a simple swipe down gesture. There is also a new global search panel that can be accessed via a swipe up gesture from anywhere in the OS.


On the performance and security side, MIUI 6 includes many kernel and RAM optimization techniques like ZRAM, Smart CGroup and Bitmap Cache to deliver a buttery smooth experience. The built-in Security app comes with a Virus and malware scanner, along with a Permissions manager. Xiaomi has also included the popular CCleaner app in MIUI 6, which allows users to free up the storage on their device by removing unneeded junk from time to time.

While Xiaomi did not announce a specific release date for MIUI 6, it did mention that it would be bringing the OS to other devices as well, just like it has done in the past.

[Via MIUI]