Rumor: Google to start selling the white Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 on June 10th

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 17 May 2013

Taylor Wimberly from Android and Me got his hands on a white LG Nexus 4 at Google I/O this year. He says that the search giant will release it to the general public on June 10th, and that it’s exactly the same as the old Nexus 4, but obviously in a different color.

Curiously, Taylor says this new model will be running Android 4.3. That’s the part of his rumor I’m having a difficult part swallowing. A white Nexus 4 released on the eve of Apple’s annual developer conference is a good way to get some PR love, but to announce a new version of Android is questionable. Does Google want people to compare iOS 7 to Android 4.3? I honestly don’t know.

Earlier this week I predicted that Google would hold an event in July to announce Android 4.3 and a refreshed version of the Nexus 7. I still stick by that prediction. Android and Me used to have an amazing track record when it came to rumors, but lately they’ve been subpar, to the point where I don’t even trust them anymore. Hence my skepticism.

Why am I covering this story then? Because Taylor isn’t the first person I’ve seen come across a white Nexus 4 at I/O. Something is most definitely up in Google-land.