OUYA is offering up a limited time 12-month pass to 800 games for $59.99

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Jul 2014

OUYA console

When OUYA was on Kickstarter, it was easily one of the most popular items to be brought to life through crowd funding, with plenty of people excited about the possibility of a cheap Android-based console in their home. For developers, it was another outlet to reach users, especially those who preferred to play games on their TV but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, it’s been a rocky life ever since its public release.

Early in 2014, one of the company’s founders, Muffi Ghadiali, left the company, which understandably sent out plenty of ripples across a few markets. Since then, the OUYA market has been a quiet one. Yesterday, though, everything got loud again as OUYA announced a new, limited time offer for existing and new OUYA owners. The idea? A 12-month pass that would allow access to a plethora of games available on the OUYA.

Actually, with the pass, almost every game in the OUYA library would become available, and all for only $59.99. Essentially, for the price of one console game, you’d gain access to almost one thousand titles. That’s a value that, as OUYA puts it, is over $2,000. For anyone who does pick up the All-Access Pass, once you buy it and redeem the code, available content in the OUYA Shop will show a $0.00 price tag.

There are some rules, though. First, OUYA points out that the purchase needs to be under $30. Additionally, the All-Access Pass does not include in-game purchases, or other add-on content. It also cannot be used for things that can be purchased multiple times, including power-ups. OUYA says that the test is very limited, and that only a certain number of people will be allowed into that said test. The company also told developers that there would be no change to the way they get paid, in that they would still receive their 70% of the full game’s cost.

OUYA’s page has reportedly said “SOLD OUT” multiple times since the All-Access Pass went live, but many owners are reporting that they’re still gaining access by entering their email address on the page.

Do you own an OUYA? Does something like this sound good to you?

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