WhatsApp presumably starts rolling out its voice calling feature

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 Jan 2015


WhatsApp seems to have started a staged roll out of their highly anticipated voice calling feature. A WhatsApp user from India has posted some screenshots of the new UI on Reddit and explained how the whole procedure works. 

Reddit user pradnesh07 states that he got the voice calling feature after he was invited to a call from one of his friend. According to him, the voice calling option will only show up once the user has been invited to a call from someone else. Right now, this invite situation only seems to be partly working with the calling feature only being enabled by some users after receiving a voice call from pradnesh07. 

WhatsApp Voice Calling

If you cannot wait to get voice calling on WhatsApp, head over to WhatsApp’s website and download the latest version of the client. Then you can ping someone who already has the voice calling feature on their WhatsApp to invite you to a call. The chances of the feature automatically being enabled for you are slightly higher if your Android device is already on Lollipop.

Nonetheless, it is likely that the feature is being rolled out by WhatsApp in stages and will automatically show up for all its users within the next few days.

It was only last week that WhatsApp had unveiled a web version of their client for Google Chrome users.

[Via Reddit]