Videos: New Nexus 7 ads star a sick puppy and a kid who forgot to study for his biology exam

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 15 Oct 2013

Google has just uploaded two new commercials for the 2013 Nexus 7. You all remember the first one, right? It was about a young man who was freaking out about speaking in front of his class. Keeping in line with the education theme, these new ads feature an older young man who forgets to study for his biology exam. He then rents a textbook on his Nexus 7 and attempts to locate the nearest 24 hour coffee shop. Oh sweet memories.

The second ad is a bit more … depressing. That same young man who forgot to study for his exam receives a message from his mother telling them they need to have a chat. The young man ignores the message and starts playing a video game. Then the mother sends him a photo of the dog, saying he’s not doing too well. The kid panics, goes to the bus station, only to find out that his flight home has been canceled. Thanks to Google Now, however, he finds an alternate route using a train.

As someone who has consumed far too much espresso studying late at night for biology and chemistry exams, and as someone who has had a dog die while I was away at school, these two ads definitely resonate with me. I don’t really think they’ll sell any more tablets, however, since most kids probably want an iPad. I know if I was in school today, I’d probably get an iPad and a Chromebook, but not an Android tablet. Android phones are great, but the tablets are, in my opinion, quite a bit less desirable, even the Nexus 7.