Uninstall Facebook for Android to Improve Your Android Device’s Battery Life by 20 Percent

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Nov 2016


It’s no secret that the official Facebook client for Android (and iOS) is a very resource hungry app that can greatly affect the battery life of your device. Almost a year ago, tests conducted by various Redditors and other publications showed that uninstalling the Facebook app was enough to increase the battery life of their device and its performance by a significant margin.

Back then, Facebook promised to look into the matter and solve the battery drain issues caused by its app. A year later, things don’t seem to have changed much. A Tech World Zone writer repeated the test by uninstalling the official Facebook client from his Nexus 6P and instead used a popular third-party alternative called Metal. Over the week, he noticed a 20 percent increase in battery life on his Nexus 6P every single day. The Facebook app in itself did not show up under the battery consumption list, but battery consumption from Android OS and Android System greatly reduced after the Facebook app was uninstalled.

If you do end up uninstalling or disabling the Facebook app on your Android device, it is possible that you will also notice an improvement in the performance of the device — especially on a low-end Android device that has a limited amount of RAM.

If you are looking for some great alternatives to the official Facebook app for Android, do try out Metal, Swipe, and Tinfoil.

[Via Gizmodo]