PSA: SwiftKey is 50% off for a limited time only; I can’t recommend this keyboard enough!

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 20 May 2013

One of the beautiful things about Android is that you can change just about anything in the operating system your little heart desires. You don’t even need to root your phone either, you just have to find the right app that does exactly what you want.

Now one thing that Google has notoriously ignored ever since the beginning of Android was the on-screen keyboard. It was decent in Gingerbread, better in Ice Cream Sandwich, and only now with Jelly Bean one might be able to call it OK. Even worse are companies who meddle with Google’s keyboard and insert their own wild customizations.

Just stop suffering and download SwiftKey. I wholeheartedly recommend this application. And it’s 50% off for a limited time, so it’s just $1.99. You probably spend more than that on coffee in any given week. As someone who has used a Windows Phone, an iPhone, and SwiftKey, I can tell that if the iOS keyboard scores a perfect 100 out of 100, SwiftKey is 99 out of 100. Punctuation sometimes bites on SwiftKey, and inserting letters with accents is a bit of a pain in the ass, but I can absolutely fly on this keyboard.

There’s also “Flow”, which is a feature that lets you draw words instead of tapping on your screen. There’s a learning curve, I’m not going to lie to you, but once you get it, you really get it, and you wonder why you can’t draw your sentences on other platforms.

[Via: Lifehacker]