Supreme Court Sides With Samsung Over Damages in Patent Dispute With Apple

BY Evan Selleck

Published 6 Dec 2016


Samsung and Apple have been going toe-to-toe in the court systems for years now, over a variety of different patents and other issues.

And while Apple won many of those, Samsung is starting to notch a few marks in the win column recently as well. One of the biggest decisions was just handed down by the Supreme Court in the United States, with an 8-0 decision — unanimously deciding in favor of Samsung.

While the Supreme Court has made its decision, the proceedings will almost certainly continue in a lower federal court. That process will be focused on determining a new amount of damages owed by Samsung moving forward.

Recently, a lower court ruled in favor of Apple, saying Samsung had to pay the company upwards of $339 million in damages for patent infringement. However, in the Supreme Court’s decision, the court ruled that the damages should not be based on the entire device, but specific parts, like the front bezel.

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