Google’s Updated Drive App Makes It Easier to Switch from iPhone to Android

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 14 Dec 2016

iPhone and Pixel

In a bid to make the process of switching from iOS to Android easier, Google has updated its Drive app for iOS to include an option to back up your contacts, calendar entries, and camera roll to the cloud. With everything being backed up to your Google account, you can then easily sign in to your new Android device and gain access to all your important data in just a few minutes.

Google’s method sure is seamless and does not require one to jump through hoops like using to first export their contact and then import them again to Google Contacts.

However, the process does not make backup your app data, texts, or music library. The first one is simply out of the equation due to the differences in OS, with text messages and music library transfer only possible when you use a Pixel and connect it directly to your iPhone during the setup process.

Google notes that the backup can take up to a few hours, so make sure you start the first backup with plenty of time, a fast Wi-Fi network at hand and keep your phone on charge while at it. If you are on the latest version of the Drive app for Android, you can find the “backup” option under Settings.