Stream wirelessly from Google Play Music to your Sonos

BY Rita El Khoury

Published 10 Apr 2014


Google Play Music was updated today with built-in support for Sonos streaming, allowing you to enjoy all of your own music and subscriptions wirelessly on the famous speakers.

The integration is a two-way deal, with both the Google Play Music app adding the option to stream to the Sonos, and the Sonos app introducing Google Play Music as one of the supported services. In order to get it work, however, you will need to have both your Android device and your Sonos speakers on the same WiFi network, and the Sonos app installed, even if you’ll just use Google Play Music to stream.

This integration will let you enjoy over 20,000 of your own songs from Google Play Music, as well as the full Play Music catalogue if you’re a subscriber in crystal clear hi-fi quality in your house or office. Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” even works with Sonos for a radio-like experience.

[Source: Sonos via The Verge]