Spotify Will be Pre-Installed on New Samsung Smartphones, Including the Galaxy S10

BY Evan Selleck

Published 8 Mar 2019

Spotify logo

The Galaxy S10 officially went on sale in 70 countries across the globe. And at least one pre-installed app may make some new owners happy.

Pre-loaded apps don’t typically lead to happy feelings, but for Spotify customers that may not be the case this time around. Today, Spotify officially announced that its ridiculously popular music streaming app will be pre-installed on new Samsung smartphones right out of the gate. That includes the aforementioned and brand new Galaxy S10 lineup.

That means the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ will have the app available to use from the get-go. In addition to that, Spotify will also be pre-installed on the upcoming Galaxy Fold, as well as some Galaxy A-series handsets as well. it’s safe to assume that the Galaxy Note handset that will inevitably be revealed later this year will have Spotify on board, too.

And if Samsung gets around to launching the two foldable phones it reportedly has in the works, Spotify will probably come pre-loaded on those, too.

This is a pretty big announcement for both Samsung and Spotify, especially considering the first of the two companies has already tried streaming music on its own and failed. Samsung’s Milk Music not only had a pretty terrible name, but it wasn’t that great of a service when compared to the major competitors out there. And for Spotify, this means it’s a pre-installed, stock music listening app on potentially hundreds of thousands of smartphones out there in the wild.

If you plan on getting a new Samsung-branded smartphone, are you excited about this news?

[via Spotify]