Sony’s ‘lens cameras’ are just plain weird

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 13 Aug 2013

Sony is set to launch a pair of devices known as “lens cameras” at IFA in Berlin next month. Here’s where I’d usually try my best to explain what they are, but the photo above should give you some idea as to why I’m so incredibly confused right now. The Japanese company hopes you’ll be interested in cameras that you can strap to your mobile phone, and rumor has it that the low end model will carry an 18 megapixel sensor while the other high end model will use the same optical stack that’s in Sony’s flagship point and shoot, the RX 100 Mark II.

Let’s think of all the issues that a “lens camera” presents. First, it’s yet another thing you need to charge. Second, it uses a WiFi connection so your phone can act as a viewfinder. Do you know how crowded the WiFi spectrum is right now? Third, how are you going to protect the lens when it’s not in use? Fourth, where are you supposed to store it when you want to move it around? Fifth, how good is Sony’s software?

Oh and there’s the question of price. Say the high end model comes in at $500. Are you willing to spend that much on an accessory for your smartphone? I’ll keep an open mind, of course, but right now I’m just having a hard time believing these will take off.

[Via: Sony Alpha Rumors]