Samsung’s next flagship rumored to be called the ‘Galaxy S6’, may also launch a ‘Galaxy S6 Edge’

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Dec 2014

Galaxy_Note_EdgeSamsung may be culling its smartphone herd for 2015, but some devices are just a guarantee, even this far in advance. Like a followup to 2014’s Galaxy S5, for instance.Now, a new report from SamMobile not only aims to confirm that Samsung does indeed have a new flagship within the Galaxy S family coming down the pipe, but that they’ve also determined what it will be called as well. The report, which was published on Monday, December 1, claims that the next Galaxy S flagship will be called the “Galaxy S6.”You’re shocked, we know.What’s more, the report goes on to note that while the Galaxy S6 will be the mainstay flagship for 2015 within the lineup, Samsung isn’t going to rest on its laurels and keep the curved displays regulated to the Galaxy Note family. The report states that in 2015 Samsung will also launch a Galaxy S6 Edge, which, as the name suggests, will also feature some kind of curved display.While the name of the next Galaxy S flagship isn’t that big of a surprise, seeing another edged display on a Galaxy product might be, considering the Galaxy Note Edge is still new, and hasn’t necessarily seen a wide adoption rate. Would you pick up a Galaxy S6 Edge?[via SamMobile]