Samsung sues Korean publication for allegedly reporting wrong facts about the Galaxy S5

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 9 Apr 2014

Galaxy S5 Camera

It’s common for news reports to anger manufacturers as we’ve seen on several occasions in the past. However, one news report from Korean publication The Electronic Times has particularly infuriated fellow Korean manufacturer Samsung, so much so that the company has decided to sue them claiming damages for bad publicity.

The original report mentioned how Samsung was having trouble producing the six-lens optics which goes over the camera sensor on the Galaxy S5. It further added that Samsung was having trouble achieving the amount of precision needed to execute proper assembly.

We’re not sure how this would negatively impact the sales of the Galaxy S5, but the company certainly thinks so and wants The Electronic Times to be held liable for it. Samsung is reportedly asking for 300 million Korean Won or $285,000 in damages.

The publication however is sticking to its guns and still maintains that the report was based on facts and that it wouldn’t affect a customer’s decision to get the Galaxy S5. Samsung has surprisingly skipped the process where discussion takes place between the press arbitration board for such disputes and directly filed a lawsuit instead. It will be interesting to see how this whole episode pans out.

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