Samsung Releases SoundAssistant App For Galaxy Devices With ‘150 Steps of Fine Volume Control’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 May 2017

Sound Assistant

Samsung has released a new app for its Galaxy handsets called SoundAssistant. The app provides one with granular control over the audio aspect of their device.

This includes being able to customise the volume level of your Galaxy device for different scenarios i.e. for different times of the day and for a set period of time. This is a particularly handy feature to have as one can use the app to automatically silence/put their phone in vibrate mode while in office or college and have it switch back to normal mode after office/college hours.

Other features include being able to switch to mono audio, change the left/right sound balance, and more. One can also control individual app volumes using SoundAssistant, which is definitely a handy feature to have.

Samsung says the SoundAssistant apps provides ‘150 steps of fine volume’ control, and it comes with its own floating equaliser as well for quick access from anywhere.

For Galaxy S8 owners, the app allows one to set a different audio output for an app or game. So, for example, audio from your favourite music player will be streamed over Bluetooth while that from a game will play through the phone’s speaker.

Download: SoundAssistant