Samsung Galaxy S6 rumored to come with Sennheiser earbuds in the box

BY Evan Selleck

Published 5 Jan 2015

image Sennheiser earbuds

On Monday, January 5, a report surfaced that outlined several different accessories that Samsung’s upcoming, but still unconfirmed, Galaxy S6 would feature after its launch.

While a series of cases, many of which will probably be great in their own right, may be enough for some, others may be interested to know what’s expected — rumored — to launch with the newest Samsung flagship right in the box. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S6 will boast a pair of Sennheiser earbuds in the box. That’s a pretty big focus on audio quality, if it’s indeed true, and something that Samsung has effectively lost touch with over the years.

Sennheiser has a reputation for focusing a great deal on audio quality, so if Samsung is indeed working out a deal to get these earbuds coupled with the Galaxy S6, it would be a big win for future owners. Of course, a focus on audio/music isn’t all that surprising these days, considering Samsung’s Milk Music — it’s proprietary music streaming service — has become a big focus for the company as of late. Including a nice pair of earbuds could go a long way in handing out good will.

[via SamMobile]