Samsung Galaxy S5 screenshot reveals support for Android RunTime (ART)

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 20 Mar 2014

Galaxy S5 Android RunTime

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is known to come with a lot of eye catching features like the fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and the ISOCELL based camera. Today we learn that the handset will also come with support for ART (Android RunTime), which essentially means that apps will load faster than usual.

The leaked screenshot you see above further reveals that the Galaxy S5 will allow users to manually switch between Dalvik and ART architectures, so it appears to be an experimental project, much like Google did with the Nexus 5. This is great news for developers as Android is slowly making the switch to ART, thus providing a better experience to the users.

The screenshot first appeared on Korean site Ruliweb and seems quite legitimate, but the extent of ART support is yet to be ascertained. Samsung didn’t make this information public during its announcement last month, thus leaving us to wonder if the feature will come to all variants of the S5 or just the Korean ones. It is good news nonetheless, especially if you’re a developer.

[Ed note: as pointed out by some of our readers, this feature was quite expected, given that the Galaxy S5 runs KitKat and ART is one of the features of Android 4.4. However, it’s nice to see a confirmation with this screenshot.]

When Google announced support for ART with Android 4.4 back in November, most developers had to rewrite their apps with support for the new architecture. However, knowing that ART is part of the future, most apps today already support ART. Here’s our comprehensive writeup on the differences between Dalvik and ART if you’re still unclear on the benefits of ART.

[Via Ruliweb]