Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May be Unveiled on August 9

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Jun 2018

Galaxy Note 8

If you picked up a Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung last year and are already looking forward to the next model, your wait may be coming to an end soon.

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung is planning on introducing the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9. After that, the smartphone manufacturer intends on launching the smartphone to the public before the end of the month. If that does pan out, it means that we should expect to see the new phablet a couple of weeks before Samsung unveiled the upcoming device’s predecessor.

As far as what might be new with the Galaxy Note 9, the report is light on the details. However, it does suggest that Samsung will be focusing on improving the overall camera quality, and will be utilizing a more advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon processor under the hood. The report doesn’t indicate a specific model, but the safe bet seems to be the Snapdragon 845, which is starting to crop up in current smartphones on the market.

Don’t expect a wildly different design from the Galaxy Note 8, though, as the report indicates Samsung will be hewing pretty closely to that aesthetic with the Galaxy Note 9.

There isn’t much to go on here, but the good news, potentially, is that fans of the Galaxy Note series won’t have to wait that much longer to see what new device Samsung has been working on.

[via Bloomberg]