Razer Will Host Its ‘Biggest Unveiling’ on November 1

BY Evan Selleck

Published 11 Oct 2017

Back in January of this year, Razer, the company well known in the PC gaming world, announced that it would be acquiring Nextbit, the company that built the Robin Android phone.

Since then, a few rumors have cropped up that Razer has been working hard on building and launching its own smartphone. The Nextbit acquisition certainly helped with those rumors, but what the new device may offer for fans of the company has remained unknown. But it looks like we might not have much longer to wait to find out.

Razer today announced that it will be hosting an event on November 1, where it will have its “biggest unveiling” to date. The image in the announcement just shows a person in front of screens, blurred out, and he’s holding something in his hands. It looks like a handheld device, at least, giving some leverage to the idea that this is a smartphone on the brink of being announced.

What the phone will offer is unknown, too, as the announcement doesn’t include any type of details or clues. It’s fair to assume that Razer will build a handset that has powerful specs, but the real question is if it’s a flagship to contend with the likes of the Galaxy S8, LG V30, or the Pixel 2.

Are you interested at all in a smartphone from Razer? If so, what are you hoping the company brings to the table? And, perhaps even more importantly, do you think Razer lights up the logo on the back?

[via Razer]