LG to make the QCircle, QSlide and other SDKs available for developers

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 10 Jun 2014

LG QuickCircle

LG has just announced that it will make the QCircle, QSlide Function, QPair and QRemote SDKs available for developers in the coming days. The company will apparently showcase these tools on June 24 which is just a day before the Google I/O event kicks off in San Francisco. Google I/O attendees will have the opportunity to attend the event and get a look at these new development kits.

The QCircle SDK will essentially allow developers to write apps for the QuickCircle case. There are many opportunities here to implement a particular app’s features within the device’s lockscreen. The QSlide Function SDK on the other hand is centered towards multitasking by allowing apps to function on a small resizable window wherever required, even within an already running app.

QRemote allows devs to control  infrared operated devices using the app on the G3, which includes home entertainment systems. But QPair is perhaps the most interesting of the lot as it allows the smartphone to connect and interact with other devices running Android 4.1 and above. The feature will also allow users to receive calls or messages using a second device.

LG certainly has plenty of software tricks up its sleeve as is evident from the G3. We expect to learn more about these features in the coming weeks as the company gears up to show them off to the world at its second annual developer event.

[Via LG]