Video: LG’s upcoming software update for the Optimus G Pro turns it into a Galaxy S4

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 11 Apr 2013

LG has just uploaded a three and a half minute video to their YouTube channel that demos three new features that will come to their flagship device, the Optimus G Pro, via a software update.

The first feature, called Smart Video, is something Samsung calls Smart Pause. It’s the thing where the phone tracks your eyes while you’re watching a video. If you look away, the video pauses. When you return your gaze to your phone’s screen, the video resumes.

The second feature, called Dual Camera, is called Dual Shot on the Galaxy S4. It’s the thing where the phone uses both the front and rear facing cameras to record a video or take a photograph that shows what both cameras see.

The third and final feature, called Pause and Resume Recording, is the only new thing LG is bringing to the table. Anyone who has ever owned a dedicated camcorder, especially one that used tape, knows that you can pause recording, then hit that red button again to create a video that appears to be seamless.

When will this software update come out? Great question, LG doesn’t say. But more importantly, LG hasn’t said anything about Optimus G Pro availability outside of South Korea. There’s a rumor on Android Centra that says the G Pro will land on AT&T on May 10th, but that’s just a rumor. Assuming it’s true, at least it’s just one month away.

By that time the GS4 should be on store shelves. Hopefully.