First batch of Nexus 6 units being delivered to customers

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 17 Nov 2014


If you ordered the Nexus 6 from the Google Play Store, today might be your lucky day as Motorola has started delivering the first batch of the device to customers. 

According to Android Central, many of its readers that had ordered the device through Motorola’s website have started receiving their Nexus 6 units or are scheduled to receive it today. The Nexus 6 first went up for pre-order on Google Play late last month and Motorola only started taking orders for it from earlier this month. Google, however, will only start delivering its Play Store orders from 21st November.

The Nexus 6 is also available on Sprint and AT&T in the United States with T-Mobile expected to start selling the handset later this week. However, the carriers are only selling the Midnight Blue variant of the device with the Cloud White variant of the device presumably being exclusive to Motorola and Google’s online store for now.

Similar to the launch of previous Nexus handsets, the Nexus 6 has been in short supply since it went up for pre-order on Google Play in late October. To avoid further frustration to its customers, Google will be making the device available in limited quantities on the Play Store every Wednesday. While not ideal, it is still better than the company making potential customers wait for weeks before they can place an order for the device.