Video: Google’s new ad for the Nexus 10 is high on emotion, low on actual content

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 21 Mar 2013

The video below is Google’s latest advertisement for their flagship 10 inch tablet, the Samsung manufactured Nexus 10. If you can’t watch it, you’re not missing much. All it shows is a couple expecting a baby having an argument on Google+ about what to name their child. She wants Alfie, he wants Kevin, and in the end they settle on Alvin.

Android Police calls it a great ad, saying that “it makes the Nexus 10 seem human, enjoyable, and accessible.” I strongly disagree. Technology isn’t human, nor will it ever be. Samsung calls the GS4 a “Life Companion”, but we all know it isn’t, it’s just a smartphone meant to entertain us.

Google’s ad for their tablet is actually more of ad to get people to join Google+ than anything else. And do you know what regular people think of Google+? They think it’s a waste of time because Facebook already exists. And Facebook works, so why reinvent the wheel?

Apple’s ads, by contrast, almost always show apps. Yes, there a few iPad and iPhone ads that show people having FaceTime calls, but for the most part it’s apps, apps, apps. Do Android tablets really have any apps? Not really, and Google thinks that’s OK because their tablet will let you have a great Google+ experience.

Then again, why not just download the Google+ iOS app if you’re that keen on using Google’s SN?