Motorola clears up confusion about the Moto 360’s battery capacity

BY Abhijeet Mishra

Published 10 Sep 2014

Motorola clears up confusion about the Moto 360's battery capacity

Motorola listed the battery capacity of the Moto 360 as 320mAh when it announced its beautiful first smartwatch, but a teardown by iFixit revealed that the actual battery is a 300mAh unit instead. Despite the small discrepancy, buyers of the Moto 360 weren’t very happy, especially since reviews had said the battery life was already less than impressive on the watch, and Motorola has now offered an official statement to clear up the confusion.

According to Motorola, the capacity of the Moto 360’s battery ranges from 300mAh to 320mAh. Usually, manufacturers list both the minimum and maximum capacity of a battery on their devices (case in point: the Moto E, Moto G, or even the LG G3), but Motorola found itself lacking for space on the minute internals of the smartwatch and decided to list only the minimum capacity figure.

Here’s Motorola’s official statement:

The typical battery capacity for Moto 360 is 320mAh and the minimum is 300mAh. In the mobile industry, sometimes both the minimum and typical capacity is listed on the battery, with the typical capacity quoted as the official battery size. Both figures are included on the batteries of our Moto X, Moto E and Moto G devices. In the case of smaller devices, we aren’t always able to list both figures. For Moto 360, we only had room for one figure and choose to list the minimal capacity of the battery. We see how this can be confusing and we will look into ways to add the typical capacity as well in the future.

That’s a pretty clear explanation, and should be enough to address complaints from owners of the Moto 360. Hopefully, Motorola will be more clever with its next smartwatch and choose a newer processor instead of the ancient TI OMAP chipset it decided to go with on the Moto 360, which is the primary reason the watch is offering battery life lower than the Android Wear smartwatches that came before it.

[Via Android Authority]