“Moto X” gets semi-announced, said to be the first smartphone built in the United States

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 30 May 2013

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, was recently interviewed at the AllThingsD conference currently taking place in New York City. He revealed quite a few things about the “X Phone” that we’ve been hearing via various rumors and leaks. He says the phone will be made in the US at a former Nokia plant in Texas. I know exactly where that place is since I used to drive by it almost every day on my way to school.

His exact words, as written down by The Verge, are:

“Components will come from 12 states, processors from Taiwan, OLED screens from Korea. 70 percent of manufacturing will happen in the US.”

What’s going to make this phone special versus a Galaxy S4 or an iPhone? Dennis says it’ll be packed to the gills with sensors and that it’ll be “contextually aware”, meaning it can tell when you’re using it, when you’re in a car, and so on and so forth.

When are we going to see the phone? According to a press release published by Motorola themselves, the answer is “summer”. That means anywhere between next month and the first week of September. There are no specs, sadly, or photos, but at least we know just a little bit more than we did a day ago.

One of the more curious parts of the interview was when Dennis was asked about the “firewall” between Google and Motorola. Apparently Motorola is so separate from Google that if a Google employee wants to work for Motorola, they need to “give up [their] Google badge.” Motorola communicates with Google via “the same partner managers” that companies like HTC and Samsung interface with.

Should you be excited? Of course you should. Every new high end smartphone, regardless if it’s good or not, has at least one thing that will be seen by competitors and likely copied in yet another future product. I know some of you hate that I use the word copied, so try to think of it as “borrowed” instead.