Moto 360 hit with another price drop, this time to $149.99

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Jul 2015


Recently, the Android Wear-based smartwatch from Motorola, the Moto 360, has seen a few price drops from a variety of retailers, including from the manufacturer itself back in May.

Now, it looks like the wearable’s price future has been set, but this time at an even lower rate. The Moto 360 is now going for $149.99 from both the Google Store and Motorola. And, while that’s noteworthy in and of itself, the one thing that might make most people perk an ear, is that this is looking like it might be a permanent price drop.

For instance, Google says the Moto 360 “was $249.99, now $149.99.” And, Motorola says the Moto 360 “now starts” at $149.99. Both of those seem to indicate that the Moto 360 has just received a permanent price drop. That could also hint that the next-generation Moto 360 is on the way, for those looking forward to something new.

Did you pick up a Moto 360?

[via Google Store; Motorola]