Nexus 5 camera mod brings improved image quality, color reproduction and video recording

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Nov 2013

The Nexus 5 camera was among the most hyped aspects of the phone before its release. Sadly, the camera has met with mixed reviews with some claiming it to be an utter disappointment, while other suggesting it is strictly mediocre in nature. 

On the bright side, most of the issues plaguing the poor performance of the Nexus 5 camera stems from its poor software, with the camera hardware itself being top notch. Google has promised that it would soon be releasing an update that should greatly improve the camera performance.


Before (Left) : After (Right)

Until the update lands, a recognised contributor from XDA – Jishnu Sur – has released a camera mod for the Nexus 5 that improves the camera image performance. The mod increases the JPEG quality to 100%, sets the JPEG compression to 0%, improves color reproduction and also increases the audio quality while recording.

The mod does introduce some unintended side effects including low FPS while recording in low-light conditions but the developer is working hard on fixing them. The mod is also a bit unstable right now, and for some people it has only led to a marginal improvement in performance.

Head over to XDA to download the mod. Do drop in a comment and let us know if the mod helped in improving the image quality of your Nexus 5.